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Auto Insurance in Simple Terms

Insurance is a complicated and confusing thing. Most people don’t understand what they have or don’t have, or why they need it until it’s too late. I have known several people who didn’t understand their insurance, and/or just made poor choices in the amount they should be insured for, who faced severe consequences after being in an accident.


The minute you think you're going to lose something, it suddenly becomes the most important thing in your life.

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Well hello! I am a highly opinionated, sarcastic woman who needs to write to get everything off my chest! I can't possibly hold it in anymore or I might have a flippin heart attack!!! My life has been a series of quite interesting twists and turns which never seem to slow down. It includes everything from having a twin brother at birth, but being raised as an only child by a single parent, to being held up at gun point as a teenager, to getting pregnant, married, divorced (yes, in that order), married again, having a second child whom was diagnosed with cancer soon after birth, antidepressants, weight gain, and divorced again. Whew! And did I mention I may have lost my mind during some of that? Well, maybe I am not the one to really confirm that. Ya think? After all, you can't tell a crazy person they're crazy, right? *Read more in the ABOUT ME page under HOME*