The Mentality and Qualities of a Strong Woman

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A strong woman thinks, behaves, believes, and lives life much differently than others. She handles her relationships, fears, strengths and weaknesses much differently as well. Because few people seek to truly understand what a strong woman is really all about, they are judged and harshly criticized. They may be seen as cold, mean and insensitive, when in reality they are very thoughtful, generous and giving. Strong women know their worth, thereforĀ make deliberate decisions regarding their time, career and people they share their lives with.

Traits and Characteristics

The following are traits and characteristics a strong woman has and consistently displays:


She doesn’t put other women down, but makes it a habit of lifting them up. She isn’t in competition with them because she is secure with who she is.


She is motivated and ambitious about achieving her goals and dreams. She helps others achieve their goals and appreciates the same.


She is independent and doesn’t rely on someone else to take care of her. In a relationship, she appreciates support, respect and someone to share life’s experiences with, but doesn’t NEED someone to complete her.

Passion For Life

She has a passion for life and wants to explore. She isn’t comfortable sitting around watching YouTube or Reality TV. She is a firm believer in living in the “now” and not living her life in a waiting period. Life is too short!


She is intelligent as well as a good communicator and listener. She doesn’t waste time on meaningless conversations nor taking part in caddy office chit chat. She prefers to discuss goals and plan new adventures, not sit around talking about things in life that don’t really matter, such as what is happening with the Kardashians. Who cares???

Results, Not Excuses

She sees problems as challenges and faces them head on, focusing on solutions, not excuses. This makes her a great asset at work and in her personal relationships.

Financially Responsible

She is good with money and frowns upon watching others who are impulsive and seek instant gratification from their unnecessary purchases.


She prioritizes people over things and values relationships with good people. Because of this, she schedules her time wisely and has a true sense of work/life balance.

Work Smart

She is sure to work “smart”, not just hard. She won’t exhaust herself by working tons of hours just to prove herself at a job that doesn’t really value her, and would have no problem replacing her on a whim. She strives to create her own success.

Emotionally Mature

She is emotionally mature and doesn’t let her emotions decide her behavior. She is rational and thinks before she speaks. She doesn’t like or invite drama into her life.


She has self-confidenceĀ and doesn’t need tons of compliments, nor approval from others to feel good about herself. She feels no need to impress people because she knows what a good woman she is. If someone chooses not to recognize it, well, it’s their loss!


She has a low tolerance for negativity and surrounds herself with positive people who will only lift her higher. She will do all she can to lift others higher as well and won’t hang out with people who bring her down.


She is selective in choosing friends, a boyfriend or husband. She will cut you out of her life if she views you as toxic, ungrateful, unappreciative, negative, unsupportive, selfish or needy. None of those behaviors align with who she is so she recognizes that being around those types of people will only hold her back. She knows who is worth her time and who isn’t. Either step up or step out!


She is a natural born leader and a source of inspiration to others. She inspires people to be the best version of themselves and not settle. She is organized and appreciates(and expects) things to be planned ahead of time so things run smoothly. To her, lack of planning by others diplays a lack of care and concern which is definitely NOT appreciated! She puts forth great effort and expects her efforts to be matched.

If you know women in your life who appear to be strong, assertive, expressive and possibly even bossy, please take the time to truly get to know them. They are not the “bitch” they get labeled as. They are all of the things listed above for very good reasons. Learn to appreciate all they have to offer because chances are, your life may become much more fulfilled with them in it!

Strong Women – May we raise them, embrace them and be them.