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It’s finally Friday! I thought the week would never end. I have answered what feels like close to a million phone calls and have sat in-between the four walls of my office way too long. It feels like there are not enough hours in the day to handle everything after working full-time consumes so many of them. Ugh! I’m actually giving myself a 3-day weekend to try to catch up on life outside of work. Lee has been gone several days and will come home soon if all goes as planned. But, how often does that happen in trucking? That is another reason I am taking Monday off. Since he is coming home Sunday afternoon and leaving again Tuesday morning, that doesn’t give us much time at all to get things done that we need to do together or even just hang out. Time is so limited!

So far, my evening has consisted of getting home from work, almost immediately leaving again to drive my daughter to her homecoming football game, driving back home, cooking dinner, eating, vacuuming and now writing on my site. After the week I have had at work, I feel like I should be in bed already. On the other hand, I feel like I need to stay awake until after midnight every night just to get half of everything I need to do done. Yes, lack of time is quite a frustration for me. People say we all have the same amount of hours in each day but I see a huge difference in people’s days and how much they need to cram into them. Some go to work and come home and watch TV all night. Really??? Why don’t they have to vacuum, cook, do laundry, drive kids around, take the dog for a walk, get their clothes ready for the next day, make phone calls, pay bills, clean the house, etc., etc.? I must be doing something wrong. 🙁

I have talked to Lee three or four times today. This evening, when I finally had time to settle down and have a conversation, we talked for a little bit but then he had to go to sleep because he has to wake up so early again. There are times when he goes to sleep at 5:30! It’s hard when we aren’t on the same Monday-Friday, 9-5 schedule. I call him on my way to work which gives us about 15 minutes to talk. I call him most of the time on my lunch break, then again on my way home. After I get home I have 1000 things to do and I can’t just spend my life on the phone, but I call him again after I do a few of them. I think most people get to sit down and have dinner with their partner and have a discussion face-to-face on a daily basis. Not when you date a truck driver! So, we have little broken up conversations throughout the day and call it good. Most conversations that take place while either I am driving or he is driving are spent saying “What? Are you still there? You’re cutting out”. Quite frustrating!!!

Well, I am exhausted and better get some sleep too. I have to get up to go watch my daughter perform on her Pom’s team in the morning. After that, my day will be filled with the rest of the joys of being a parent, homeowner, dog owner, blogger, super woman, etc. The time will pass quickly and before I know it, it will be Sunday and Lee will be home. Yay! We don’t have big plans this time he’s home other than organizing the garage and enjoying each other’s company.

Off to bed now. Since nobody is sleeping next to me I am going to lay diagonally across the bed and snore as loud as I can! You’ve just got to find the simple joys when your trucker boyfriend is gone.