Target trip/Game night

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This afternoon, Cole and I discussed having a “family” game night. We have had so much fun,many times doing this. We have played Pictionary, Scrabble, Sorry, Yahtzee, Charades and more.
I thought it would be great to try a new game. So, we headed out to Target on our quest to find something we would all enjoy. We went straight back to the toy department and were overwhelmed by the number of choices we had for our entertainment tonight. We looked around and read the back of dozens of board games. We narrowed it down to 4, then I made the final decision. I put a game called – 5 Second Rule in the cart and we moved on.

While we were there, we remembered that Brianna needed black sweat pants for gym class. After wandering through the girls clothing section, and finding one pair of black sweat pants, we went to the fitting room for her to try them on.

While waiting, the phone kept ringing at the fitting room attendant’s desk. We never saw an attendant until after I decided to have a little fun with the phone. I pressed a button and said “Attention Target guests”. Not a minute later, a Target associate came over to me and asked “Can I help you”? It was not a friendly, helpful interaction by any means. She was scowling at me and talking to me like she was scolding a child. I said, “Uh, no, I don’t need any help, we are just waiting for my daughter to try on clothes”. She then asked, “Then what were you doing with the phone”? I said “Well, the phone kept ringing and nobody was answering it, so we were trying to entertain ourselves”. She then said, “Mmmhmm”, then proceeded to tell me that was their night bell button for after they are closed. She was SO serious, like it was a really big deal.

I looked over at Cole and Noah and they looked like they were ready to die! apparently, they were highly embarrassed and just wanted to leave. So I yelled for Brianna to hurry up, and we left.
We made one more stop to get pizza on the way home, then went home.

Soon, we started playing the game and were having so much fun! Someone draws a card, then reads you the question you have to answer. The question, or statement is always – name 3 “___________”‘s. Like, name 3 child stars, or name 3 famous basketball players. They flip over the 5 second timer and the pressure is on! You have to name 3 of whatever it says within 5 seconds. That sounds so easy right? Wrong! Even if you know these things, the pressure of thinking of them and naming them in 5 seconds is ridiculous. It really messes you up. Try it sometime for yourself. We are 12,15, and 39 year olds, and we all had a great time!

After Cole won the game, by collecting the most amount of points, we moved on to another game we had, but hadn’t all played together yet. It is called Headbanz. You attach this plastic thing around your head, and put a card in the front of it, facing your opponents. You can’t see what picture is on your card, so you have to ask questions to get clues about what it might be. You can ask questions like, “Am I heavy”, or “What color am I”? You can only ask questions until the timer runs out, then the play moves to the next person. After going around the table answering everyone elses questions about what is on their head, you totally forget what questions you have asked about yours. It is also a very fun game and we were cracking up!

Other than getting in trouble at Target, we had a great night! We even made root beer floats in between each game. VERY FUN!