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Alarm clockGood morning! It’s a beautiful sunny day here and I’m getting ready to go to work.

Lee is gone. He was supposed to sleep at home last night but he got up shortly after going to bed and rushed out of here because I was snoring. He really has a difficult time sleeping ANYWHERE. At times I think he would be better off if he lived in his own place because there are so many complaints about my house. He can’t sleep because I’m snoring, the room is too hot, the bed is too soft, etc. But, then I think of how it is for him everywhere else. When he had his own apartment he complained there too. He didn’t like any of the beds he had, complained about the people downstairs (in both apartments he lived in), complained about the noise outside. When he’s on the road and “sleeping” in his truck he complains about the noise at the truck stops, noisy trucks and people, trains, wind, heat, his truck shaking, and the list goes on. Therefor I have concluded that he has a problem everywhere and will just never sleep and continue to be exhausted and cranky. Lee talks daily about how fatigued and tired he is yet can’t possibly adjust to his environment and go to sleep! Ugh! It’s surely not a piece of cake sleeping next to him either while he is tossing and turning and SNORING!

Last week I gave him a nice, long candlelight full body massage. He fell asleep quickly and slept all night long. Is that what I need to do every night he is home? Hmmm. I asked him this time if he wanted that again and he remarked that it was my turn. Well, he was here for 3 nights and………nothing. Oh well. It was noted that is was my turn.