Parents Living With Their Adult Children

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I recently wrote an article about my adult child moving back home with me. Then I started thinking about how many parents end up moving in with their adult children. I guess it’s a good thing that I let my 20 year old daughter move in with me, because I just might need the favor returned some day.

Did you know that it is estimated, that over 22 million households in the United States are providing a home to a parent or friend who is 50 years old or older?

I am 39 years old and I am considered to be in the group of the new generation of caregivers. Wow. I can’t imagine how stressful that might be to have to spread myself and time even thinner! I already have 2 kids at home, a career to manage, bills to pay, pets to care for, etc. It’s a good thing that neither of my parents need me to provide a home and care for them right now. I would be totally overwhelmed, so I feel very fortunate.

On the other hand, in many cultures, the parents live with their adult children. They help with their grand kids, cooking, and cleaning. But what about privacy? Would it feel awkward to know your mom lives down the hallway, or in the basement? Would you still feel free to do all activities adults do? Or, would you feel like a child again, with your parent watching every move you make?

But, what happens when I get older? What if I lose my home, or need some type of live-in care from my kids, in their homes? I wouldn’t want to burden them, but I sure hope my children will take me in!