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My boyfriend uses an app to track MY periods! Really?!?

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There comes a point in your life when you may need to keep track of your menstrual cycle. You might do this if you are trying to conceive, or trying to plan a vacation, which both make sense for a woman to do. But did you know that MEN are tracking your periods too?
Now I am sure that men have thought and wondered for decades, exactly when we will have PMS and flip out on them. But, I never thought someone would actually invent an app for their phones to give them full warning ahead of time, to subdue their fears, since they fear the wrath of our menstrual cycles.

WOW! Yes, you heard correctly. Men are becoming fascinated with keeping track of when your period is going to start. And it’s not even like they are just marking it on their calendars, they now have apps for it for the iphone, ipad and Facebook! So, now your man can put his appointments, meetings, etc. on his calendar, and YOUR menstrual cycle, with just a few clicks, and only a few dollars or less.

The following apps are available for this “purpose”:

Code Red – advertised as “mens best defense against the monthly Her-ricane.” It actually has a symbol of a female with devil horns during PMS week! It also has 4 other symbols to give men a clue about what is going on with their women during every phase of her cycle.

PMS_Meter – features “hilarious sound effects”, along with warnings labeled Depressed, Irritated, Angry, Provoked, and Back-Off!

Iamaman – the sleazy iTunes app that helps men cover up being so tacky as to track several of their girlfriends/wives periods without them being able to find out about the others they are cheating with.

Upms – an application to help all of the poor men out there, “suffering the monthly psychotic mood shifts from their better halves.” The creator of this app goes on to further say it is his way of promoting world peace!

MyMate – supposedly marketed to the sensitive, caring man, so they can be more understanding during “that time of the month.

PMS Buddy – with a tagline that reads “Saving relationships, one month at a time.”

I can’t believe that one of these apps gives men the ability to track several women’s periods at the same time. AND, if this isn’t bad enough, they help them cover it up by including special features requiring a different password for each woman they are tracking, so if their wives go through their phone and inquire about it, it will only show HER name! This feature is absolutely repulsive to me.

Apparently, men are trying to avoid major conflicts and arguments with their female significant others by tracking, instead of saying the stupid, rude comments regarding PMS like,  “Oh it must be PMS week!”, or “I sure can tell you are about to start your period.” We all know this adds fuel to the fire. Do you think they could just learn how to effectively communicate with their loved one?

Men may think these apps are funny, or their saving grace to help them survive their wives/girlfriend’s PMS week, but I really don’t. They are demeaning, and mocking the natural, not-so-fun, hormonal changes that almost every woman experiences every month.  Is this really necessary for men to get a clue of when PMS week is coming? I mean, come on, it happens relatively at the same time EVERY month! Hello???

OK then, since these apps are so popular, where is our app warning us when the men in our lives are going to be jerks? I guess it’s a good thing we are smart enough to figure it out, and deal with it  when it happens, without needing an app to “save” us.

Aside from PMS, I think this is BS!



iphone photo by William Hook on Flickr