Makeup That Men Like – 5 Tips For Doing It Right

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Makeup is made to enhance your features, not cover them up. And it has been proven that wearing make up (the right way), actually encourages men to approach women. Here are some quick tips on how to get the look men like:

1. Don’t over-tweeze eyebrows, then draw them on. This looks like someone practiced on you in their drawing class. Yuck! Put the Sharpies away.

2. Choose a skin matching foundation and apply it lightly. It should not look like it was applied with a putty knife, and make sure to blend into your neck. It is also important that your foundation color matches the skin on your neck. These steps are crucial so you don’t look like your neck was cut off..

3.  Stick to neutral colors that draw attention to your eyes, not the shadow color. And absolutely NO BLUE eyeshadow!

4. Apply light blush to the apples of your cheeks, then blend upward. We do not want to see bright pink or red circles as if you learned your make up skills from Bozo the clown. Very unattractive!

5. Avoid dark lip pencil and/or lip shades that are not natural. Guys do not like to look at a dark line around shimmery light pink lipstick. Add a light gloss to plump them up and make them irresistibly kissable.

Now we know that most men wish their partners would wear less makeup, but always like a little! They also appreciate seeing that you took the time to look good, which shows that you care about yourself. So, just keep it natural ladies.