Lee is home!

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eekmouseHello. Lee has been home for a few days. We had a relaxing day that consisted of going to a movie theater to see “Martian” and grubbin on some nachos and drinks. The rest of his time home we have just run errands and tried to catch up on stuff at home. It seems I have had a few little creatures running around in my house. Last night I woke to hear one scratching at the trash can in my bathroom! OMG I was freaked out!!! I am SO grateful Lee was home to help with that nightmare. He set traps and set me up to get this under control. Ugh, how disgusting! I can’t even tell you how fearful I am of mice. It sucks that when he leaves I will have to find other help if those traps catch em. Just another downfall of not having someone here on a daily/nightly basis. Oh well. Keep trucking on!