It’s Friday Again!

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Hey everybody! I am SO GLAD IT’S FRIDAY. I made it! This week I was cussed out on the phone many times by different customers and thought I was going to lose it. Gotta love customer service……NOT. We tend to go out for an office lunch on Fridays. My boss pays and it’s great. Today we had some awesome mexican food and lots of laughs. Much needed!

Throughout the week I’ve managed to revamp my site a little bit, watch a show with my daughter, do my nails and complete many household tasks. I haven’t noticed anymore mouse activity and am thrilled about that!

Lee hasn’t been home since my last post and he won’t be here this weekend. I look forward to the solitude and getting more things done. My list isn’t that long but there are some very important things on it. If anything really exciting happens to me I will surely share it with you. If I can remember, I will be purchasing a few lottery tickets. Wish me luck!!!