I lost Ruby!

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OMG! I got out of the shower this morning and Brianna asked me where Ruby was because she hadn’t seen her in awhile.  We both searched frantically in every room, closet, nook and cranny of the house and couldn’t find her anywhere! Then we searched the back yard. Still nothing! See, we have a dog door that my smart little dog mastered how to go in and out of in 24 hours of having her.  I thought that was so great but now….not so much. Fear set in and I panicked.  I ran out the front door and yelled “Ruby”!!!  A second later she came running down the sidewalk from way up the street, right toward me.

I don’t know how she recognized her new name.  I have only had her since Friday night.  Maybe she recognized my voice instead?  I was SO happy to see her!  I figured there must be a hole in my fence in the back yard, so I put her back in the back yard and then stepped out to the front yard again.  I figured she would do it again and let me know where the hole was and sure enough, out comes Ruby right through the fence. Aha!

I scooped her up, brought her inside and closed the dog door.  I then realized I had to get that fence fixed today.  I put Ruby in my car and we went on our way to pick up Cole and go to Home Depot.  We made a few other stops along the way, including PetSmart to get her a tag with her name and my phone number on it. I went to PetSmart, then to Petco, and decided I liked the selection better at PetSmart, so I will have to go there tomorrow to get one made.

We got boards at Home Depot, went home, and Cole fixed the fence for my little escape artist.  Luckily I had the day off today so I could catch what was happening before she was gone for good!
Now I can sleep well tonight :).