Growth Hormones

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I took part of the day off from work again to take Brianna to the hospital. She has to see a Nephrologist every 3 months due to her renal insufficiency.

During the Nephrology appointment, we spoke to him about growth hormone shots for Brianna. Although she has gained weight in the past 3 months, she is still only 57 lbs. at age 12. The hormones come in the form of a daily shot, for several years. I need more information about this. Has anyone else out there experienced this with their child? I am nervous and scared that if this hormone is stimulating her growth, what else is it stimulating? Would it stimulate cancer cells to grow again? Is this a risk I should take, just for her to be taller? She is now 4’3 and they don’t expect her to grow taller than 4’8 or so without the shots. What would you do?

Tests are needed before she can start the hormones, such as thyroid, parathyroid, bone scans, and other blood work, to see if she is a good candidate. So, we headed down to the lab and had her blood drawn. The hospital gives me such anxiety! I can imagine what it does to Brianna.

After the lab, we went over to Radiology to get an x-ray of her hips and hand. It really never ends. As a mom, I feel badly for my baby and it hurts to watch her go through SO MUCH in life by age 12. The chemicals or whatever it is, smells bad in there. I look over at Brianna and she looks ready to throw up. Hold it in babe and let’s keep moving!

We will have results and more information either tomorrow, or Monday.

If there are any moms out there that have experience with this issue, please leave comments here. Being a mom requires such tough decisions.