Colorado Theater Massacre

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On July 20, during the midnight premiere of the movie ” The Dark Night Rises”, a crazy man named James Eagan Holmes, bombarded the Aurora, Colorado theater and shot 71 people, killing 12 of them, which included a 6 year old girl. It is said that he was reenacting a scene from the movie, and even went as far as to dye/paint his hair red, and call himself the Joker. What an extremely disturbed psycho!

The past 2 days have been filled with emotional upset, following the horrific shooting at my local Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

I have grown up in Aurora my entire life.  It has never been a really great, safe place to live, but never has anything of this sort happened! It is all so very close to home.

The shooter, James Eagan Holmes, resides only feet from the home I lived in when I was a small child.  I went to the Elementary school (Paris Elementary) directly across the street from where he lives.  I went to Aurora Central High school, that is 4 blocks from there as well.  I worked at the Baskin Robbins ice cream store that is 5 blocks from the school.  It was there that I was held up at gunpoint when I was 16 years old, but fortunately was not shot.  I still reside in Aurora, and have not lived in fear, and nothing has really shocked me, until now.

This is just too close to home!  I have gone to the Century 16 movie theater several times per month, for quite some time now.  Never again though.  I don’t even know if they will re-open, but I will never step foot in there from now on. It’s not like I think that a tragedy like this will repeat there, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting in a theater, knowing that 12 bodies were lying there for days, and knowing the horrible events that took place.  The pain and horror people felt.  It is so very sad!

My oldest daughter loves to go to the midnight premieres of movies, but luckily had nobody to go with this time.  Only hours before this tragic event, she posted to Facebook that she was sitting at home, watching movies alone.  Well, surely boredom and loneliness is better than what anybody there experienced! I am so grateful she stayed home!

We learned today that the police were going in to Holmes’ apartment to detonate the booby trap of bombs that he had set, for whatever police officer would have responded first.  I think they should strap him to a chair in the middle of his apartment and then blow the whole thing up!

President Obama immediately made a statement about the event, and should be arriving here in Colorado soon.

I am filled with so many emotions, and can’t watch any more footage of this tragedy.