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Break Ups Around The Holidays

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Have you ever noticed a pattern of when you and your man break up? Is it during PMS week? Is it right before you are supposed to visit their parents? Or, have you noticed that he breaks up with you right before a holiday?

Studies show that many relationships end right before or on a holiday, with Valentine’s Day being the top holiday for break ups! Isn’t that supposed to be a day for expressing your love for one another?

Why does this happen?

Well, for a few different reasons.

Men have said that they end a relationship before a holiday for the following reasons:

  • ¬†They didn’t want to spend money on their girlfriend.
  1. Because the pressure of buying the “right” gift is too much for them.
  • Because they were afraid of their girlfriend bringing up the topic of commitment, and/or marriage on the holiday, .
  • They didn’t want to take on the responsibility of planning a special day, or having to meet certain expectations.

This is why you will also see couples breaking up, then getting back together after the holiday is over. Personally, I don’t think any of those reasons are justifiable, and surely don’t show love! If your man is going to run under these conditions, he would most likely run faster during worse situations, when you really need him. You just might be better off without him.

If you have experienced this, or are the one doing the breaking up, feel free to share in the comment section below.