Hello! I am a highly opinionated, sarcastic woman whose life has been a series of quite interesting twists and turns which never seem to slow down. It includes everything from having a twin brother at birth, but being raised as an only child by a single parent, to being held up at gun point as a teenager, to getting pregnant, married, divorced (yes, in that order), married again, having a second child whom was diagnosed with cancer soon after birth,  then divorcing again. Whew!

Ok, let me break it down a  bit with a little more detailed info about me-

I am a middle-aged insurance professional who also has a manicurist license. I worked in salons and spas performing nails services for many years until I needed a more secure job with a consistent paycheck.

I have 2 daughters – Janaya who is in her twenties, and Bri who is a teenager.  I love my girls more than life and being a mom has been the most important part of  my life.

The Bittersweet Life is a site for sharing articles I write for the purpose of helping others. It’s filled with sarcasm, truth, education, and a little bit of everything about real life, so read along and share my journey. I can guarantee it won’t be dull. And if you feel like you need a glass of wine to go through it with me, I totally understand!
I will be having one too :).