A Day in the Life……

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Yesterday was my one year anniversary at my job, but it went completely unnoticed. I was hoping for an evaluation, maybe even a raise, but no. Not a word. I didn’t get my 6 month evaluation until after 8 months so I guess I should just be patient and be grateful I have a job with a good boss. He is very flexible when I need time off which I totally appreciate. If it is ever mentioned I will let you know!

Today was a pretty good day. I had a nice lunch with coworkers and the sun was shining . What more could I ask for? My knee is swollen and I can hardly put weight on it but I’m not sure why so I came home and froze it. Much better now.

I received quite disturbing news while I was at work that my daughter’s friend’s mom was told she will most likely die today or tomorrow from stomach cancer. I was stunned. I was all set to go see her this evening after work when I got more news that she was quickly passing away. And now she is gone. I have had more than my fair share in life with cancer and I have had it with the damned disease! Her poor children spent the day looking at caskets for her. That is SO wrong!!! I count my blessings that my daughter is ┬ástill “healthy”. She lives with chronic kidney disease but her cancer has stayed gone.

Lee still isn’t home but he might be in a few days. I don’t even know when he left. I don’t count the days anymore. I used to. I used to get pretty upset about how many days it had been that he had left me alone. It’s just easier not to now. I live my life and focus on many other things until he returns. It seems to work ok. I guess I will clean the house like crazy tomorrow night. It always feels like company is coming over when I know he is about to come home. It’s quite awkward and uncomfortable and yet the feeling never changes. Hmmmmm. Strange.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring. I’m tired and sad. Goodnight!