A Day in the Life…Lee quit his job

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Lee just quit his OTR job last week, after already being off for a week prior and is going to be working local now. Not sure what difference it will make at this point. I have lived without so many things for so long it barely matters anymore.

His choice to quit right before the holidays doesn’t seem to be a great one. I think the holidays are stressful enough without adding more financial hardship to them. He has another job lined up now but who knows when he will get paid since he hasn’t even started yet. This will definitely impact my plans for Christmas and how much I can spend on gifts since I will have to cover more bills now. Ugh! One person’s choices sure affect many.

This will be a new experience to have him around for the holidays since he has missed most of them for years. It will be quite the adjustment for me and my kids. Wish us luck!