A Day in the Life……after nightmares

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Hey everybody. It’s been a pretty nice day although I am quite tired. I was awake most of the night because of nightmare after nightmare. At one point I sat up screaming as I was screaming in my dream. I reached for Lee for comfort, but of course he wasn’t there.

I spent the day running errands and doing household chores. My daughter needed a couple of storage bins so I thought I would be thrifty and see what the $1 store had. What they had was a store full of questionable people and kids running through the store like they were at the park. Where has parenting gone? While getting in my car I looked at the car parked directly in front of me and was disgusted by what I saw. There were 4 very small children in the car ALONE. The little girl must have been about 3 and was in the driver’s seat playing with the steering wheel while bouncing around and playing with the controls. ¬†Ugh. Again, what happened to parenting? Most days I can’t stand people!

I then came home and spent the evening outside by the fire with my girls. That was relaxing and now I’m ready for bed. Let’s hope I can sleep tonight.