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7 Best Date Movies

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1. The Notebook

You can read a review of this movie on this site but I will tell you right here, it is the most beautiful love story ever told! The undying love between the two main characters is so touching and you can totally feel the passion between them! Ladies – prepare to see the softer side of your man while viewing this one together. Men – prepare to cry!!!


2. Ghost

Gee, what is more romantic than your significant other dying but still expressing their love for you daily? It is definitely out there, but oddly romantic! What a great way to remember Patrick Swayze.



3. Top Gun

What can I say? Awesome flying, hot volleyball scene, and one of the most played bedroom scenes ever! This movie has action, drama, love and tenderness all in one! Definitely a classic.



4. What Happens In Vegas

Hilarious! This movie is full of laughs,  showing that no matter how hard you try not to like someone, if it’s meant to be, it will happen! The obstacles this “couple” go through along their way of realizing their love for each other will have you cracking up non-stop. Does what happens in Vegas really stay in Vegas?



5. Soul Surfer

This story is about a courageous young girl who triumphs over her disability, after having an accident with a shark. It is very inspiring and up-lifting, and features some awesome surfing. It fills people with hope and love throughout the movie. What relationship wouldn’t benefit from that? See for yourself!




  6. Friends With Benefits

This movie has attractive actors (Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake), and many laughs! These two characters try to enjoy the pleasures of a physical relationship, without involving or feeling any emotions.Does that sound easy to you? Watch how difficult and funny it really is!



7. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Steve Carell (Cal) is hilarious as usual, but it is a kind of different role for him. Cal decides to divorce his wife, but then quickly realizes, he doesn’t know a thing about how to attract another woman. With the help of Ryan Gosling, who by the way looks better than ever in this movie, he learns how to “be a man”. He teaches him how to dress, talk, walk, etc., but not how to keep him from still loving his wife. It is a real romantic comedy that will capture your heart.