Couples Massage

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My back hurt, and Cole had been complaining about his back pain for days so I thought a massage would be great for both of us.  So, I went online to Bloomspot, where you can get awesome same day deals on many types of services.  I found several spas on there with deals but almost none of them answered their phones, and the other were just booked solid. Really? In the middle of the day on a Wednesday, that many people have nothing to do and don’t have to be at work? Wow! Anyway, I found a deal for $59 for a 75 minute massage, plus a 15 minute hot stone foot massage. Sounds great! I called and they were also booked. I waited an hour and became increasingly discouraged so I called back and asked if they had any cancellations. They didn’t, but the front desk girl said she would make” an executive decision” and she scheduled us at 3 pm. It was now 2:30 so I drove as fast as I could, and we got there just in time!
We arrived and were taken upstairs to the locker room to change into our robes. Then, we were taken to a nicely decorated room where we had a glass of water and soaked our feet in bowls. After that, our massage therapists came to get us and took us to a couples room where we got our massages.  The therapist I had named Sheila was wonderful.  I was hoping for a relaxing massage but she was all into “helping” me so she gave it all she had to get the knots out of my back, which was everything but relaxing. Sheer pain! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated her skills and amazing strength, but didn’t get to relax. One thing I noticed is that during my massage, Sheila referred to Cole many times as my husband. I never corrected her and realized that I was quite alright with her thinking that and me hearing it. Hmmmm!
According to Cole, he liked his massage ok, but felt like the therapist was very rushed and wanted to get out of there asap. When we were done, Sheila was waiting outside the door for me and offered many helpful suggestions to lessen my pain.  Cole’s therapist was nowhere to be found. I guess we won’t be requesting her if we go back there again. Overall, it was a nice experience to share together.  I would recommend couples massage to everyone.







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