About ME

Well hello! I am a highly opinionated, sarcastic woman who needs to write to get everything off my chest! I can’t possibly hold it in anymore or I might have a flippin heart attack!!! My life has been a series of quite interesting twists and turns which never seem to slow down. It includes everything from having a twin brother at birth, but being raised as an only child by a single parent, to being held up at gun point as a teenager, to getting pregnant, married, divorced (yes, in that order), married again, having a second child whom was diagnosed with cancer soon after birth, antidepressants, weight gain, and on my way through my second divorce. Whew! And did I mention I may have lost my mind during some of that? Well, maybe I am not the one to really confirm that. Ya think? After all, you can’t tell a crazy person they’re crazy, right?

Ok, let me break it down a  bit with a little more detailed info about me-

I am a middle-aged old woman who works as a nail technician in a spa, in a very affluent neighborhood.  I am really more like a bartender, therapist, or whatever else my clients want me to be while getting their nails done.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff my clients tell me!  Maybe because it’s a somewhat intimate service? I don’t know why, but as soon as I touch their hands or their feet, they tell all.  It definitely keeps my life interesting!

I have 2 daughters – Jan who is in her twenties, and Bri who is a teenager. I have been married twice, divorced once, and have been separated for a few years from Bri’s dad, but not officially divorced. I have joint custody with him but Bri lives with me.  Recently, Jan moved back in with me after moving out when she was 18.  Jay has always been a physically healthy girl but seems to have plenty of issues with self esteem, probably due to the shitty relationship she  has had with her dad most of her life. She has a new boyfriend every week so I don’t even bother learning their names anymore.

Bri on the other hand has been ill most of her life.  She was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma when she was 9 months old, which recurred when she was 3, and now she has renal insufficiency.  It has been a hell of a ride with that. But, when she was 3, we were told she only had one month left to live unless she tried an experimental chemotherapy. It was the last option for her so we agreed, and she has totally beat the odds and lives each day to the fullest!

Bri has a dog named Roxy.  She is a 4 lb. chihuahua that we adopted from the Dumb Friends League a year ago. We were hoping for her to be a therapy dog for Bri, but she just isn’t that bright. After failing beginner training class twice, I have come to the realization it might not work out that way.

I have been dating a man named Lee on and off since 2009.  I was on an online dating site and came across him very soon after signing up.  I limited my search to a very short radius from my city, but somehow he popped up anyway, even though he lived 3 hours away. In September of 2010, he moved in with me, and in August of 2011, he moved out.  We are still dating and learning and trying to move forward.  Stay tuned for those ups and downs!

On this site, I am blogging from present day and posting my favorite quotes, or whatever fits for the day. So read along and share my journey. I can guarantee it won’t be dull. And if you feel like you need a glass of wine to go through it with me, I totally understand! I will be having one too :).

10/03/15 – UPDATE: I stopped working as a nail tech 2 years ago and now work in an insurance office.

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