A Day In The Life…In a New Bed!

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Hey guys. Things have been going well. Lee has been home for 6 days. The first night sucked as usual because neither of us got much sleep. He tossed and turned about every 10 minutes all night. Ugh!

The next day we went mattress shopping and bought a new bed, Yay! It was delivered later that night and wow! It’s awesome! He barely tossed at all and the bed felt great! Not only that, but I got the massage he owed me. It was SO relaxing and I slept well.

The rest of the time we spent running errands and getting crap done. We figured out a flooring option for the basement that flooded and he started on that today. Oh, he also went shopping while I was at work and brought some strange contraption home called the Neti Pot. Has anyone heard of this? He thought it would clear my sinuses and reduce my snoring. Well, maybe not. I took one look at that thing and then watched videos about it and decided, HELL NO! I am not pouring salt water up my nose and having it drain out of the other side. Lee was going to return it and then decided he would try it. So, I watched him do it and he acted as if it gave remarkable results in cleaning out the sinuses. More power to him and anyone else who uses that thing. Not me!

He is still home because the truck is in the shop as it is most of the time. If you are familiar with trucking, I hear this is a very common thing. Something is constantly wrong with the truck and in need of repair. Oh well. It gave us more time together.

Last night we had an awesome meal at the Texas Roadhouse. The steak was delicious and the service was amazing! It was better than most high end restaurants I have been to. I even called over the manager to tell him about it. Much appreciated!

Until next time………………….Keep truckin on!